Me, Carlos

Cheat sheet

A foldable one-page cheatsheet table with links for many resources to make full-stack apps.

Link Description
LAMP, LEMP, WAMP etc What is the difference, and how do these stacks work
PHP MYSQL Connection Starting code to connect PHP and MYSQL - W3schools
SQL Cheatsheet A quick, easy and clean SQL cheatsheet repository
Prevent SQL Injection Link to a Stack Overflow popular answer
Swift Language Guide The original Swift 5 documentation guide
Drawing in CoreGraphics. Quick - In-depth Drawing custom UIViews with Swift. Quick by iosCreator, and in-depth raywenderlich
UITableViews UITableView quick documentation
UITableView in-depth A great tutorial for a good-looking UITableView
NSTableView Tutorial Making TableViews for macOS. Complete tutorial by raywenderlich
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