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 New York, NY

Most of my repositories are private, but I try to leave some code in a public repository.

The Game-UIKit repository has a series of UI Elements for game makers created in Swift.

Feel free to have a look and even fork, or create a pull request. The objective is to have fun coding and help developers to create cool game interfaces.

Stack Overflow

Carlos Farini Stackoverflow profile

When I started programming for iOS in 2010, I joined Stack Overflow. At first, it helped me get through the basics, and then years later I still use it to look up questions related to code that I am making.

Even when I already know the solution, or how to solve a problem with coding, it is good practice to check at Stack Overflow if I am using the best solution for my problem, or if there is a better, swifter (pardon the pun) way to resolve my issue. It also helps me to keep my knowledge up-to-date. After all, the coding profession demands that we update not just our programs but ourselves all the time!


I have a profile there, but the fastest way to contact me is via email. Let me know, however, if you need us to connect via LinkedIn for any reason.


Me, Carlos

I generally use Facebook to connect with friends and family, so most of my posts there do not relate to my professional sphere. You can feel free to contact me there if you would like, though.