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Trade Tycoon

Trade Tycoon is a stock trading simulation game based on real-time information from the New York Stock Exchange and is available for both iPhone and iPad.

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Learn and improve your stock trading skills without the risk of losing real money.
Practice makes perfect. If you want, prepare for investing your cash some day into the market with the know-how gained from Trade Tycoon!

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At the start of the game, you are given $10K of play money to trade stocks. Each trade costs $5, after which you can watch a video ad to get a discount on that trade.

Stocks in Portfolio displays the historical trades you have performed for that equity, as well as a Profit and loss (PnL) report that shows you the current value of your stock and the profit (or loss) for that stock.

The Favorites list takes you to a full description of bookmarked companies, what these companies do, who their CEOs are, and more.

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Leaderboard displays other Game Center players and their scores so that you can compare your performance with theirs, and with that of your friends!


This app was developed on XCode using Swift as the main programming language.

Some server functionalities were made with PHP as the back-end programming language in the beggining, and now we are migrating the PHP backend to Swift Vapor.

Stock Market data is fetched using iEX Cloud as the main NYSE API provider.

Google Ads of all types are created using Google Mobile Ads SDK.

Read the policy if you want.

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v 2.0