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YablaVox is an app that I made for a language learning company and that uses complex speech recognition functions that I programmed.

The objective of this app is to get people to learn to speak a new language while engaging in listen-and-repeat exercises.

The student watches a video of a native speaker saying a sentence, after which the student gets to repeat, and the speech recognition software compares the pronunciation of the user versus of the native speaker.

This app is currently on TestFlight, so if you would like to test it, contact me and I can send you the code.

Here are some screenshots from YablaVox:


The Lesson

A video is chosen for the user depending on the difficulty level that she picked and her past performance. Tapping the play button will start the lesson.


The user can watch a native speaker, who pronounces a sentence in the language that the user is trying to learn. After the native speaker is done, it is the turn of the user to pronounce that sentence.


Rating Speech

The app will listen, perform speech recognition, compare the clarity of the user's speech to that of the native speaker, and give the user the results.

The green color means that the user did an excellent job.

The orange color means that the user performed passably.

The red color means that the the user did not pronounce the sentence correctly.